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It’s official! McKinley is Denali, again

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The president used his executive power to officially restore the Koyukon Athabascan name for the peak at the center of Denali National Park. The 20,320 foot-mountain has been known by Natives, and later locals (and later most everybody), as “Denali” (meaning “the great one” or “the high one”) for thousands of years.

Learn more about Denali National Park.


Photo credit: NPS/Tim Rains



A gift for you on NPS birthday

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The National Park Service turns 99 on August 25!

Entrance fees at all 408 national park units are being waived today. That’s everywhere from Denali to the Everglades, Death Valley to AcadiaHaleakalā to San Juan (Puerto Rico).

So raise your Nalgene bottles (or coffee cups, binoculars, whatever) and toast to the insane riches that lie within our national parks.

Check out: “99 Ways to Find Your Park” from the NPS. Personal favorites: #13, #17, #19, #70, #79, #97

Image courtesy: National Park Foundation