7 tips for celebrating an epic year in parks – Tip #3

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With snow blanketing much of the nation, it’s tough to think ahead to the days of tank tops and flip flops. But this is a big year for parks, so think ahead we must.

Tip #3. Plan ahead. I don’t mean make sure you bring a tent if you’re planning to camp. I mean if you want to pitch that tent in, say, Rocky Mountain National Park next summer you should book a campsite now at recreation.gov. The same goes for those famous national park lodges, many of which are already turning away guests for the busy summer months.

As much as it pays to plan, being flexible about some things will help you roll with whatever you encounter when you land in a park.

Be prepared to modify your day plans depending on the number of people around; such as, plan to park your car and take a shuttle around Yosemite, Zion, Rocky, Sequoia and other popular parks. At times taking a shuttle is required but, even if it’s not, letting someone else do the driving is a low-stress way to get oriented. Last summer I was annoyed initially that I wouldn’t be able to come and go as I pleased from Sequoia’s Giant Grove. Then I got on the bus and realized I could see much more when I wasn’t behind the wheel.

Oh, and don’t forget to pack your patience along with your sense of adventure!



Photo courtesy of the NPS.

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